Photography Training

For me, Mike Browne's YouTube videos, the free information he has on line at photography courses biz and the paid courses of his I have taken, have greatly increased my understanding of photography and lenses. I can without hesitation say that you won't be wasting your time by checking out his videos and photography courses. This video hit home with me when I first saw it.

Video shared from the YouTube account of Mike Browne with the permission of Mike Browne.

When I first started paying attention to my photography I had a level of difficulty in getting my head around the effect of aperture on my photos and the concept of depth of field. This was one of the videos of Mike's on YouTube that helped me understand a good bit better. This is a second video using this same setup with long lenses. I got a lot from his hands-on examples than listening to someone explaining a theory. I would encourage you to check out the many free videos Mike Brown has made available on his website and on YouTube.

Video shared from the YouTube account of Mike Browne with the permission of Mike Browne.

Post-processing Software

Everyone has their own particular opinions regarding software. If you haven't already decided on the software you want to use in your post processing work you may want to check out these pieces of software. I have found them to be solid performers in giving me what I feel I need in my post processing work.

I use two pieces of software from DxO in my post processing For processing my RAW files I use DxO's PhotoLab 3 Elite Edition which has an absolutely great noise reduction option called Prime. DxO also has the Nik Collection which is a powerful suite of 7 plugins offering an impressive range of creative effects and innovative tools for total editing control. You can see the full description of each of these and download trial copies of both from Also, at the DxO site you will see several free training videos on both PhotoLab 3 and the Nik Collection.

The third piece of software I use regularly is Affinity Photo. Affinity Photo can also processing RAW files and is a very powerful editing tool that is comparable to Photoshop. It is extremely affordable and powerful. One of the things I really like about it is there is a version that runs on the Apple iPad. That really comes in handy when on the road and you don't want to carry a laptop with you. You can check the specifications and download a trial from

I have no financial interest in the companies mentioned here and receive no payment or commission from them. These are products I use for the post-processing of my own photos.